What’s new in ANGULAR 6?

Angular has just released some cool features. Check it out.

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Angular has just released its v6. This major release focuses mainly on the toolchain and making easier for the user to create an application.


As part of this release, a new version has updated core framework packages (@angular/core, @angular/common & @angular/compiler etc), the Angular CLI, and Angular Material + CDK.  You can see the changelog here frameworkmaterial+cdkcli.

In this blog, I am going to explain some major changes that make building process much easier.

1. ng update
ng update  is the new CLI command that will analyze your package.json and gives you a recommendation regarding updation of the packages for your application.

ng update will help you adopt the right version of dependencies, and keep our dependencies in sync. If one of our dependencies provides ng updateschematic, they will automatically make changes to the code to keep our code updated.

2. ng add
This is an another new…

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Break the mould they are trying to put you in!

Small Girl in a Big World

“His/her accent was so weird!”, I would be rich if I had a penny for every time someone said this around me.

So when we talk about weird accents, our brain automatically thinks of that one person around us who speaks differently.

I was that person once upon a time!

I had a nomadic life till I was 13. My dad had to move around the country a lot, which meant I never unpacked my boxes of possessions and when I did, it was time to move again! All of this taught me one very important lesson in life and since I was kid, it was easy to learn too. I learnt how to adapt quickly. Learnt how to make friends and learnt the ways of the people I interacted with. Clothing, mannerisms, languages, food(utmost important thing to adapt to!) and even accents!

So when my dad moved me…

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Introduction to AWS Step Function

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Step Function is state-machine based workflow coordination as a service provided by AWS. AWS provides a straightforward way for application developers to create an execution workflow to coordinate the use of multiple AWS Lambda or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) components in distributed applications running on the cloud.

Before digging into AWS Step function, let’s take an example.

You want to send an automated verification message to the new user registered on your portal and the waiting/grace period for this verification is 30 minutes. If the user doesn’t verify account in 30 minutes you will delete his/her data from your database or if user verified his/her account then you send him/her a welcome message.
Screenshot from 2018-03-26 16-52-54

ASL (Amazon State Language) JSON Based Code for above State Machine can be found here.

I think this is nothing more than a state machine. It has a start state and end state. We can do all this task by…

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Introduction to Moment.js

I think date manipulation is most common process that every developer must deal in his career. There are so many tools available for Date Manipulation in JavaScript like datejs, date-fns and so many interesting library. Moment.js is one of them. Developer can easily interact with date and time domain problems by using Moment.js. JavaScript Date... Continue Reading →

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